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Thanksgiving Tablescapes

For many people across the world, tradition always prevails and a change to “grandma’s” Thanksgiving table may be unwelcome. For others, it can be a chance for a breath of fresh air during the holiday season and a great time to try something new. With a never-ending supply of inspiration from online sources like Pinterest and Instagram, it can be intimidating to set your own holiday table. One way to gain focus for this task can also be a beautiful way to bring mindfulness to the whole season of thankfulness. What were you inspired by this year? What brought you joy that you are thankful for?

For many of us, our hobbies can be a time to truly connect with ourselves. Maybe you found this meaningful time while gardening or tending indoor plants. The pothos propagating in your windowsill can become a trailing centerpiece and of course, succulents planted in a pumpkin give the happiest of harvest vibes. Maybe you created something with your hands? It can become an inspiration for your table, such as a hand-painted fabric runner, or your jewelry designs repurposed as napkin rings.

Of course, family is typically the number one thing we have to be thankful for - so finally printing some of your favorite pictures of your family and using those in your design would be meaningful and impactful. Whatever direction you choose, also remember everyone is really there for the turkey - so don’t fret over perfection! It will be set with love if you are welcoming those you are thankful for!

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