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Living Designs

What does "Living Solutions" mean? It is crazy that when I chose the name, I was pregnant with Sophie, our 6-year-old. I was setting up a studio in downtown New Braunfels, Texas, which involved renovating a really crappy 800sqft building that needed to be torn down instead of saved.

Over time, it has proven to be the exact name for my company, even though I was unsure about it back then, and truly, people have no idea what we do based on the name. So what does it mean? Living Solutions is just that . . . solutions to make your home, your living space, exactly what you need it to be!

After years of honoring the name, regardless of how I felt, the universe has acknowledged that I have been on the right path this entire time. As we embark on the journey through the "Healing Home" extension of Pixie, Living Solutions is truly more than perfect.

This year I will walk you through all of my favorite designs and tell you how they came to life, and how they are living in our client's homes.

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