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Crafting mindful, soulful &  beautiful spaces!

Most homeowners become overwhelmed with the hundreds of choices available for every little decision when it comes to designing your dream home. That's where Pixie Living Solutions comes to benefit YOU! We guide you and help make all those little choices simple and the process of building and creating your dream home fun!

We offer hourly consultations plus two options in design (found on our home page) available for any of the following services listed on this page. If you don't find what you are looking for, please reach out to Chances are, we got you covered. We are a full-service interior design business!

Services Offered

Full-Service Design Consultation

One-Time Design Consultation

Color Consultation

Virtual Consultation

Call a Pixie Now

Plan Analysis Consultation

2D & 3D Designs

Everything Organized

Make it Pretty - One Day Decorate

Make it Pretty- Decorate & Shop

Pixies Shopping Experience

Luxury Layering

Seasonal Decorating

The first step is to fill out our questionnaire! Our questionnaire is a quick and easy way to gather all the information we need to come prepared for your consultation and provide a seamless design process. Click HERE.

Learn More About Our Services

This is the first step to beginning our luxury turnkey design service. During this consultation, our Pixie Team of designers will discuss each space and its possibilities. We’ll cover any questions and challenges you might have, as well as your home’s potential. Our Pixie Team will help you step by step in creating the home or space of your dreams. Then, after getting to know you, we will work with you through the design plan, communicate to the contractor and tradespeople and take care of every little detail!

During this consultation, one of our interior designers will discuss as much as possible to help you through
your design needs. A Pixie designer will provide you with valuable and professional advice, design direction,
and share design ideas, decorating tips and more. This consultation is in the comfort of your own home or
project space. This consultation will not receive a Plan of Action or an Estimate, unless requested by the
client who wishes to move forward with the Full Service Design.

This consultation is for anyone who specifically needs help with a color palette! We can help you choose paint
colors, fabrics, etc for your project! This consultation can be completed in person or virtually.

During this consultation, one of our interior designers will sit with you using a live virtual app for up to one
hour. We will be able to see your space of interest and discuss all ideas for design and improvement for your

This service will connect you with one of our interior designers to discuss any of your design questions that
need a quick answer from a professional. You can share a few digital images of the problem area and we will
give you our best advice for your situation over the phone.

If you are struggling with feeling confident in the plans for your existing project, we are able to put a fresh
pair of eyes on it and offer suggestions or areas of improvement. This can be as simple as more outlets in a
kitchen or as complicated as suggesting to remove a wall. We can help prevent costly mistakes before they
happen during the planning stage.

This is a 4-6 hour design service in your home, using your existing belongings to transform a selected space.
We will rearrange furniture and perfect the placement of your rugs, lamps, wall art and decor to give you a
polished space in a short amount of time.

This is a two day service that begins with a morning consultation to discuss your goals for the project.
Afterwards we will do an assessment of your belongings in the space and determine the remaining needs to
complete the desired look, while also removing all items no longer needed in the design. We then leave to
shop locally based on your budget, an amount you set and provide to us via cash, check or credit card prior to
departure. The next morning we will return to finish working on your spaces, incorporating the new items
with your existing pieces, and creating polished finished spaces.

Feel overwhelmed walking into a store with all of the selections and don’t even know where to begin? We can guide you through your shopping experience with our knowledge of products, from furniture to flooring and offer insight into the colors, patterns and textures that may work best for your space. We can visit the
retailers of your choice or make suggestions based on our experience.


Everything Organized

Cluttered, unorganized spaces can be easily fixed with a Pixie intervention! We help minimize the unnecessary, creating streamlined systems to help you get and stay organized! Closets, pantries, play areas, craft rooms - even garages in the cooler months - we can tackle it all. With our help, your home and family can function with ease. Book an initial Everything Organized consultation for $150/hr where we will see the condition of the spaces, learn about what is working and what isn’t and be able to determine how to create the most efficient organization for your home. After the initial consultation we will provide you with the following within 3-5 business days:
Estimate for our Design Time
Plan of Action for Pixie Living Solutions to Complete Your Project

After the basics of a room have been handled, we can elevate the space with our Luxury Layering service.
This service sources the elements that can take your look to the next level, with color, pattern, texture - even taste and smell. Book an initial Luxury Layering consultation for $150/hr where we will see what you
currently have and how we can create a luxurious space with a few additions. After the initial consultation
we will provide you with the following within 3-5 business days:
Estimate for our Design Time
Plan of Action for Pixie Living Solutions to Complete Your Project

The holidays can be an overwhelming time for everyone - let us handle the decorating of your home or
business for any season. We add festive decor to entryways, mantles, and banisters and create stunning trees, wreaths and decor perfectly suited to your home and your budget. Book an initial Seasonal Decorating
consultation for $150/hr and then we will provide you with the following within 3-5 business days:
Estimate for our Design Time
Plan of Action for Pixie Living Solutions to Complete Your Project