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Peace Within a Home

I wake up each morning, get out of bed, and make my bed, first thing. There is something about a made bed, that sets the day in a positive direction. Phoenix and I are usually up by 5:00 am (I dream of the day we can sleep in until 7:00 am!!!).

I slowly make coffee and use that time to set the tone of my home before the kids wake up. My office is within my home, and we homeschool throughout the day.

I fill my diffuser with essential oils, related to what I feel we are needing: inspiration, comfort, focus, energy, and depending on the season. I turn on lights and straighten up from the evening before. I usually have a sink of dishes and counters to wipe, as well as floors to vacuum or quick sweep-depending on my time. Our designers and business admin are usually in and out of the home, so I check bathrooms.

The more I can prep for the day within the house, the easier my morning is going to be and the more focused I can be on what I am working on. This systematic straightening is truly done to set a tone throughout the home. The intention of providing peace and comfort throughout the home. I can physically feel the shift of energy in the home when I am done.

I do believe that when you set an intention to do something, it makes all of the difference in the outcome. My main goal has always been to set a peaceful home, where my clients can enjoy their families in a space that makes them happy.

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