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Melissa Walley

Owner & Lead Designer

I am a mother of four and one dog, all girls! Needless to say, the woman dominates my household.  I have a really strong creative side and an unstoppable work ethic. Ever since I can remember, I've loved putting together spaces. Even as a young girl, I had an instinctive nature to help my mother in the home while gaining general carpenter knowledge and experience through my dad's business.


In 2012 I created an organizing business in Houston, Texas with the passion and determination to help women who were working full time with children. I have always believed that a home should be a place of peace, comfort, and love.  I created many designs for efficient living spaces, custom to each space. I realized that homes needed more custom solutions for different lifestyles and different people. It was through this time period in my business that I learned that we needed our own team of people whom I could build a relationship with and trust with my designs and my cherished clients. That same year, I started Pixie Living Solutions in New Braunfels, Texas, a full-service interior design company.


I am always growing, learning, and recreating this business into the next best thing. I strive for the best of the best for each and every client. I will never stop being passionate about mindful, soulful, and beautiful spaces. 


Becca Wooten

Senior Designer

Becca is an artist and designer who has lived and worked in the area for over 20 years.  After graduating with a B.A. in Interior Design at Texas State University she spent three years working for a local designer/furniture store before starting 'Bent Nail Redesigns', a restyling and upcycling service. She has a passion and talent for creating and salvaging, from jewelry and small decor to furniture and one-of-a-kind lighting pieces.  Her designs are a fusion of past and present, both functional and unique.


Her spare time is filled with her spunky daughter, thrifting, and creating art, but most recently tending to a growing indoor and outdoor plant collection.  Becca has been a designer with Pixie since 2017, helping to craft beautiful and functional spaces and incorporating her upcycled designs and green thumb wherever possible. 

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