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Healing Homes

When I started Pixie Living Solutions it was with a clear intention that my destiny was to help women within their homes. I have always held a deep passion for organization, functionality, and having a home that was decorated. I’ve always said that having a space that you love around you, can change your life. Setting intentions for what you want and need out of a space, can truly change how you operate and function as a result.

Each year, we grow, we expand, and we continuously learn how we can do better for our clients. What are the things that you need? What can we do in design that truly is a reflection of what we stand for, believe in so that we can honor ourselves in the process?

Last year, I found the answer to that question and I am going to share it with all of you. After graduating as a Reiki Master, I was honored as, ”The Medicine Woman” during my closing ceremony. I have a deep-seeded connection with plants that started after our angel baby Danielle passed. Instead of flowers for her Memorial, I asked for plants that we could plant to watch grow, instead of die.

This lead to me learning and growing all types of plants, building a greenhouse, and growing herbs, veggies, natives, and truly anything I could put into the dirt. I have always been a natural path mother, and practice using oils, tinctures, cell salts, homeopathic supplements, and believe that food is medicine. I also believe that we have everything we need on earth to heal ourselves. Thus, taking on the goal to become a Reiki Master, only deepened my love for all living things.

This year we will take my passion for functionality and start using it in homes with the concept of “The Healing Home.” We will design homes in a way that has never been done before. Our desire is to honor each person's culture, mind, and body's needs by incorporating healing herbs, plants, gardens, and healing accents throughout the home.

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Nicole Erwin
Nicole Erwin
Mar 01, 2021

You are such a blessing to everyone!

Nicole E

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