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Wobbly Curtain Rods

This week we installed an entire re-decorate home project. We used what she had, on a given budget to transform the home from a farmhouse with absolutely no color, to a more natural, bohemian southwest design, with beautiful colors of orange, blue, greens, black and white! (IT’S GORGEOUS!)

After the week of the Snowapocolypse here in New Braunfels, Texas, where we were completely shut down, we had to reschedule our entire week, on top of an already scheduled week, which involved making necessary executive decisions.

Our local handymen and professional curtain installers were not available, so I took it upon myself to hang all of the drapes at the install this week. It was only 4 rods, and I have 10 years of experience with curtain rods. By the way, curtain rods are way harder than they look, and you MUST be experienced before trying not try this at home..just hire a professional, and NOT an everyday handyman-a professional window treatment installer, you will thank me later!

We reused some of this client's curtain rods to help stay within budget, but bc they were mounted at the very top of the windows, we wanted to move them to the ceiling (this is always preferred). We use anchors in every bracket, every time.

While moving some of these existing rods, we noticed how poorly they were hung. We ALWAYS see this! Somehow each rod was hung with 4-6 different screws that looked like they came out of Dad’s old pickup truck toolbox.. with screws from his Daddy. It is always amazing how these curtain rods stay up! I took a small video to show you the wobbly bracket!


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