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Southwest Modern Boho

Before I do anything to begin a design, I ALWAYS have to name it.. and then, sometimes it changes within the process of choosing selections. For our recent install this week, we installed a Southwest Modern Boho design.

We have been working with a client for a month now, going through the design process, modifying the budget, and finalizing the big selections. In each design process, we choose all of the design selections and submit the actual product into a digital design where our clients can then see each piece and have time to think about it before we meet for a follow-up design meeting to go over these selections.

All of the accents and extras like lamps, small accent rugs, candles, greenery, floral, are all a surprise for our client the day of install, as well as our organization that we naturally evolve into the design.

The most important thing in this design was adding colors to add depth, textures, and window treatments. Those three things changed the home completely, and with the right choices, they transformed the entire feel of the home.

Before, the home was very bland in color but homey, comfortable, and full of kids, working parents, and a loving home. With the choices that we added throughout each room in the home, using some of what they already had and moving it, reusing it, repurposing things, we created a home that’s energy has totally changed. It feels vibrant, charged, and flows easily throughout each space.

It was such a blessing to work for friends, who trusted me and our team to come into their home, use their money, their things, and do what we love to do.

Thank you to our friends, and the beautiful Semper family for allowing us into your beautiful home! You are both an inspiration, and such amazing, beautiful people, inside and out!

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