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What does motherhood look like for you? It is so different from home to home, but so much the same across the world.

I am a Mom of four beautiful girls: Bella, Sophie, Danielle, and Phoenix. Danielle is our sweet angel baby whom we carry in spirit each day. Bella is 11, Sophie is 6, Phoenix is 18 months.

I homeschool these girls each and every day using the Oak Meadow curriculum. We love the philosophies of Waldorf and have held the principles within our home, as much as possible. It truly is a beautiful thing.

My home studio allows me to be with my kids throughout the day, meeting every single need emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We have all reaped the rewards of this lifestyle and feel truly blessed to be able to do so. Some days, they are with me as I check on a job site, or go pick up hemmed drapes, or even on a shopping trip. They have grown up in this business, and truly love it most of the time. My oldest daughter, Bella, helps organize for install days and is truly one of my biggest helpers and supporters.

I couldn’t be more blessed to be the mother to my three little girls. They have taught and continue to teach me so much about life, each and every day. When I began Pixie Living Solutions, it was with the intention to help working mothers have peace within their own homes.

I believe that motherhood is one of the hardest things a person can do in this lifetime, but one of the most important and rewarding all the same.

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