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Bursting Heart

I started my morning yesterday crying free-flowing tears of gratitude. There was no containing or holding back from my bursting heart.

WE LAUNCHED THE PIXIE ONLINE SHOP YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As it went live, followed by a beautiful, professional email progression, it was like a parade of dreams.

I want to dedicate this blog with the biggest thank you to all of you who supported me along the way. To our beautiful clients that trust in us to make your house dreams come true, while we live our dreams right alongside you, THANK YOU!

To all of our partnerships made along the way, locally, statewide, and across the globe, THANK YOU! We have big, big expectations for our clients and could not achieve what we do without you.

Lastly, to my dream Pixie team that continues to come together easily, with the perfect people in each growing position, each of you is my friend. You are a part of my family and we do this together. Without you, these continued dreams of mine, would not be possible.

My prayers lift this morning in complete gratitude.

May each of you feel validated, appreciated, and loved and know that as your local full-service interior design company, I am working daily on how to improve, how to deliver better services, and how to get to the point in which I can help you heal within your home.

Namaste, friends <3

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