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Inside the Design Selections

When we are creating a design for a client, we start with putting together a digital slide show. This helps us get each room for design laid out in a place that we can see all of the major selections, and share with our clients easily.

We start making the larger selections first. Depending on the scope of the project, this can be material selections like flooring, tile, countertops, backsplash, and built-ins. If the project does not involve construction, we start with the decor selections, we begin with things like furniture selections, rugs, and lighting.

Let’s take our latest project for instance. It was an entire house that we took from Farmhouse to Southwest Modern. With the budget provided, we had to be creative, and use a lot of what she had, and repurpose it. We went in and spent an entire day just taking things down and putting them into bins defined by what we wouldn’t use and what we could repurpose. This gave us the opportunity to be able to work with space and get a real feeling for what could be done. There were many pictures and decor in tight places like the entryway and the hallway. Most of the time, you really want to avoid hanging anything heavy here. It makes these spaces feel smaller.

We set out choosing a color pallet for the newly named design, Southwest Modern. Within that pallet, we chose an island pop of color, that we would match the dining room shiplap wall too.

Then we chose a new rug for the living room. This would provide the most color, that we could work the drapes, couch pillows, mantel, and entry decor into. With this open concept living area, grounding the focal point, which is the island, with a deeper toned color, it really made the living room and dining room be able to come into view when entering the home.

Once these larger pieces are found and agreed upon with our clients, we move into accents. These are usually spontaneous shopping experiences with each client in mind. We plan where we will shop. We source from our partners, all around the world and locally, each containing different options, in different price ranges. We choose where we shop for accents, based on the design style, and the price range. Some of our favorite places to shop include: Adele Kerr, Max Haus, The Local, Red Rooster, Red Stag, Birds of a Feather, and Hausita’s (just to name a few). I have been shopping these local gems for over 10 years now and I can easily say they never disappoint! There are always treasures at each of these shops.

Once you have a good foundation for selections, the design process is so much easier, but remember, having a budget to work within, is key to what you can select! Let’s talk about budgets in the next “Inside the Design.”

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