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What is an Interior Designer

Exactly, what is an interior designer and what do they do?

Most people have no idea! They think that interior designers walk around telling people what’s trendy and how to make their homes pretty. An interior designer is someone who can bring a concept to life, taking into consideration the budget, the variables of the environment, the functionality of the goal, and use materials and styles within that person or person's desires to reach the end concept. Depending on each service offered and the experience of each designer, the services, costs, and process will differ.

Floor plans, construction plans, interior/exterior material selections, furniture, decor, window treatments, etc are usually specific specializations of an interior designer. Here at Pixie Living Solutions, we offer a full-service interior design company. It had never been done in New Braunfels, Texas when we started. We are the only company in South Texas that offers this service.

With the need for an honest construction company, I spent many years, hundreds of thousands of dollars, losing money hiring construction companies who didn’t honor their work, or said they knew what they were doing and wound up with bad service or uncompleted work.

Our process is built to be a seamless, fun, and exciting experience for our clients from concept to installation. By visiting the project, we are able to give a thorough consultation that involves a walk-through of the space, communicating with the client about their goals, needs and dreams, and budget for each space or project. We take measurements on sight and check for important things for reference, such as electrical boxes, water lines, sewage lines, etc.

We build a Plan of Action that is interactive throughout the entire design process, that outlines what the goal for each space is, exactly what items and processes are needed for each space to reach that goal. I have learned that having a plan is one of the most important foundational steps to achieve a beautiful design.

With that Plan of Action, we start the design process. After we complete a digital design presentation of each space, we present it to our clients. They are able to look through the design in privacy and schedule a virtual meeting to follow up with questions pertaining to the design. We make any necessary changes and then begin organizing the interactive timeline for the project.

Once we have a timeline, we begin ordering and organizing everything for the project. By the time we start the project, all shopping for building materials, furniture and decor has been completed. This makes the process as smooth as possible. We can attend to the unexpected, detailed accents and finish out!

I have built this process through the last 10 years of experience in the industry. We are always trying to improve to process and procedures of how our business operates. Our main goal is for our clients to have a fun, exciting, and worry-free experience while designing and building their homes.

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