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Healing Pixies

It has been a while since I blogged! We have had a crazy couple of years! We all had Covid in the Winter of 2021, two weeks after the stomach bug, and then I had pneumonia a couple of times. For the last two years, it seems we have been fighting autoimmune diseases and respiratory illnesses, and finally, our youngest daughter, Phoenix, had enlarged adenoids and tonsils, causing constant drainage. We recently had them removed, and it has been the soundest sleep we have had in probably 15 years (since Bella was in utero!)

We have been focusing on surviving, truly!

My oldest girls returned to Public School in NBISD last year; Bella went back two years ago. It was INSANITY, to say the least! I felt like I fought for my oldest life in Middle School! The hormones, the menstrual cycles, the DRAMA, and the constant energy transfer of everyone they are around daily, coming in and out of the home. I sage every single day of the week during the school year.

I use many modalities within my sacred home to keep grounded and growing during times of high stress, illness, etc. I feel it has been a constant flow of repeating these survival tools to get by these past few years. What do I use? I will touch on my survival, daily needs, and what I use and why.

  1. Sage- I use blue and white sage.

  2. Palo Santo

  3. Dried flowers last forever! Have you seen our Pixie Shop botanicals?! OMG!

  4. Stones- for energetic help and support.

  5. Organization- bins and labels and labels and bins!

  6. Herbs- teas, bathtub, salves, tinctures.

  7. Detox bath- baking soda, Epsom salt, dried flowers, or herbs.

  8. Essential oils- to diffuse and use topically for sensory stimulation.

  9. Diffuser- I love things that smell good!

  10. Humidifier

  11. Fresh fruit

  12. Fresh greens

  13. Plants within the home- they help with the home's energy.

  14. Constant arrangement of my altar- a place where I set intentions and meaningful prayers.

  15. Candles- only soy blended or beeswax candles bc of the chemical content in others.

  16. Grounding techniques- feet on the ground, lying on the ground, being in nature and water.

  17. Meditation- 2-10 minutes a day of stillness and breathwork to center my heart and connect to my mind.

  18. Prayer- positive affirmations and prayers for support, guidance, and answers.

  19. Stretching, yoga, breathing, chanting.

  20. Family circles- we sit in a circle and take turns talking and sharing after a meditation.

  21. Homeopathy- this has been our saving grace through the sickness! We use They are incredible humans who have guided us through the constant sickness, mental, physical, and emotional whirlwinds the last couple of years.

  22. Salves- I love to make salves! My favorite is my Comfrey salve.

  23. Tinctures- I make some of these but mostly use DrKingBioAllers for seasonal allergies.

  24. Colostrum- We just started this to help with gut support and health! It has been a game-changer!

My home is organized and readily accessible; finding the things I need when I need them also helps so much. Even with an organized home, I have three kids, and we operate two businesses out of it, so it takes constant upkeep and adapting to each specific change and need for the kids. We go through their clothes every three months, reorganize, declutter, change the needed colors and blankets, and overview the room's functionality together. What working and what not? Why? We also verbally overview goals, body, mind, soul needs, and wants.

We have lived in our home now for five years in July. We bought a 1984 home built by one of the first custom builders in New Braunfels and built solid brick homes with a basic floor plan of three bedrooms and two baths. The yards are enormous in our neighborhood, with mature trees, making for a quiet, peaceful, natural environment. We feed the local birds and keep working in our yard. Three years ago, we put in a greenhouse to grow seedlings and have a place in the Winter to store our babies, but in Texas, the freezes have been so hard I’ve been using my garage more than my greenhouse to keep my tropical plants in.

I have been growing herbs and native plants here for five years now. They are all starting to grow and bloom more than ever! I move and transplant things to new locations and better-growing conditions each Spring. I also harvest all my herbs: mint, peppermint, lemon balm, lemon grass, lemon hearts, and comfrey! I added dill (again), micro greens, chamomile, and lavender this year. I never have luck growing any of these consistently! I’m hoping they will root and come back next year. I use these herbs in my cooking and daily teas for the family, and I love to share everything with my family and friends. It is my true passion to grow things and be able to share them with others. It brings me the greatest joy and happiness!

I am working on finishing my design to do the second remodel on our house five years later! It took me so long to find out what we needed in the house with three kids and what direction I wanted to go. It would have been so easy to throw up cabinets and finish things to the builder's standards, but I didn’t want that. This home will be Pixie’s first Healing Home! I have designed the kitchen with a different design than most kitchens. I have a compost bin with shelves for easy-to-grab herbs, spices, oils, and propagation!

What I love about design is that you get to think through functionality and customize whatever you work on. It is incredible to think that the possibilities are endless! It is your creation of what you need and what you want. Just like when you eat, drink, self-care, take time for self-improvement, or set goals to adapt to the schedules and plans developed.

It is my passion to design efficient homes with healing in mind. This is what works for my home. What works for your home? What are the things that you need? Make a list, sit and meditate on that question and write down what you feel and hear.

We are working hard towards launching our first tiny healing home. All of the details are coming together, and we are almost there! I can’t wait to start sharing my home with you and the details of the first Healing Home!


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