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Eye pillows help regulate your nervous system, mood, digestion, and heart. The weight of the flaxseed on the eyes stimulates the vagus nerve and, combined with the lavender scent, helps with relaxation, headache, migraine, and stress relief. 

Removable and washable cover - design placement varies.
Filled with organic ingredients: lavender buds and flaxseed. 
Individual packaging: paper band, cellophane bag, instructions for use.


You can use the pillow as it is, cold or warm, depending on your needs.

  • Freezer - in a sealed freezer bag for an hour before use. 
  • Microwave - on a clean surface; heat in 10-second increments until warm to the touch. Always monitor while microwaving and do a touch test before placing the pillow over your eyes.


Care: Removable and washable cover made from 100% cotton duck cloth. Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Tumble dry low. Iron if needed. The inner bag is made from 100% cotton muslin. Spot clean only.


Made in United States
Dimensions: 9″ x 4″ x 1″ (22.9 x 10.2 x 2.5 cm)
Weight: 6.5 oz (184.3 g)

Yoga Eye Pillow

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