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This three-legged, oblong incense burner doubles as a smudge dish. Handcrafted from cast iron, the center contains a removable 1-inch section that can hold incense sticks. This can be removed to hold sacred sage bundles, incense cones, loose smudge blends, cedar, and much more.  Rope incense can lay flat to burn, it does not need to hang, so this can also serve as a perfectly shaped rope incense burner! 

There’s a beautiful simplicity to this metal smudge dish. It suits a wide range of aesthetics and offers a sturdy base for all types of spiritual medicines and ceremonies. 

We recommend using a smudge bowl to catch the ash produced during saging and smudging rituals. Many people save these burned medicines for future spiritual practices.  

Cast Iron Oval Smudge Dish + Rope Incense Burner

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