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LUXURIOUS CHUNKY KNIT: Made with 100% vegan material our chunky knit is more durable than others on the market. Our handmade knitted blanket uses one continuous piece of chenille yarn versus others that burn the yarn together creating failure points. Our tighter weave allows the buttery soft braids to be the focal point of the blanket, no large holes that allow the air in, keeping you warm and cozy.
LARGE THROW AT 50 x 70: Our large knit throw is a substantial size making a beautiful statement piece for any chair, sofa or bed. Long enough that you can wrap up and comfortably cover your feet or share the throw when cozying up after a long day. The extra 10 inches versus a standard 40 x 60 is enough to make this functional for both decor, sleeping and sharing.
FLUFFY AND BUTTERY SOFT: Traditional chunky knit throws are stiff, itchy feeling and will peel apart. Our Tight Braided Thick Cable Knit Throw does not shed and is machine washable.

Oat Chunky Knit Blanket Throw 50"x70"

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