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Intuition Lead to Reiki

As I embark on this next journey into "The Healing Home", I have to admit that I am overwhelmed with joy and happiness. I have been in the pursuit of Reiki for over 6 years now, since I was getting ready to birth Sophie, my 6-year-old, at home.

I had prepared my home from top to bottom with all of the baby things necessary for her entrance into the world, every bin was labeled and I was prepared to give a water birth. As I went through the journey of Sophie and her water birth, I was inspired to find things that grounded me, things that gave me life as a giving mother of two girls, a wife, and a business owner. I was so exhausted, working long hours, weekends, and needed to find grace.

I was searching online in the middle of the night one evening and saw a Women’s Healing Circle, hosted by a local Shaman, Heather Huff. After years of attending her Healing Circles, taking different educational classes, and practicing self-healing and love, I knew I wanted to learn more about Reiki and how I could heal myself, my family, and the things around me through Reiki.

Six years later, I completed the course and have dedicated my life to living with purpose and committed to loving in all things, people, and experiences.

Through design, I am able to use my experience, but most of what I do comes from my intuition of other people. I use my intuition daily to be able to feel what my clients truly want or need in their life through most projects.

Design is creating something functional and pleasing to the eye, within a given budget, and making sure that it is delivered seamlessly.

Reiki is the same thing for your spirit and physical body. It is bringing down the Universal light (endless, divine love) into your body to shine so brightly that it shows you what is working and what isn’t with yourself. With the light, you are able to be aware of physical ailments, emotional problems, and move them out with intention and breath.

What if we can use Reiki to create your homes to be energetically calming and balanced, and charged with your intentions for your life and living the best one possible? What if we are more mindful about what you need to live a healthy life, balanced with herbs, gardens, compost, and living spaces that function for your overall health? How would this change our productivity? What if we started treating our homes like a sacred place to recharge, heal and grow? That’s what we intended to do with The Healing Home.

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