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Pixie Living Solutions

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Welcome to Pixie!

We are a full-service interior design company with a passion for efficient living. From concept to install we create mindful, soulful, & beautiful spaces. 

As a full-service design company, we handle everything from consulting services, floor plans, construction plans, architectural plans, 2D & 3D designs, interior selections, exterior selections, decorating, remodels, new construction, and commercial designs. 

We have 15 years of experience and partner with local businesses to help achieve your desired goals. With attention to detail, the organization, great partnerships, and a professional team backing Pixie, we exceed expectations!

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Natural Soap
Bathroom Shelves

Design Services


Design Advice

  • Hourly consultations, either in your space or virtually, to discuss your home improvement projects.

  • Spontaneous advice is given by our designers as we walk and talk to aid you in your DIY projects or you can choose to move forward with our design services starting with Phase 1.

Design Concept

Phase 1 Design
Phase 2 Design

Procurement & Implementation

  • Plan of Action detailing the project, the needed materials, and labor to complete it.

  • Any necessary drawings or floor plans to communicate the design.

  • Digital presentation of design elements and proposed selections. 

  • Sourcing and purchasing of materials.

  • Delivery of materials to the client’s home.

  • Project management - complete organization of projects to ensure timely completion.

  • Pixie Install Day - onsite placement of all furnishings, art & decor to complete your project.

  • Professional services are available to complete any project - carpentry, plumbing, electrical, etc.